Digital PortfoliosA guide

What is a digital portfolio?

Your digital portfolio is a way of presenting a collection of visual imagery and projects you have created.

The most successful portfolios show us your range of skills from your processes of initial sketches and ideas, to research, experimentation, use of materials and techniques to your final creative outcomes. We are very keen to see these sorts of approaches to show us your commitment to generate great work.

Portfolio Templates

Find a range of templates that you can download and use to start creating your digital portfolio.

What should I include in the Interaction Design digital portfolio?

We suggest your digital portfolio should comprise of a minimum of 15 and maximum of 20 images/slides of work. Select work that you are passionate and confident about and that demonstrates how you apply practical skills to explore different media and processes.

We are interested in how you develop your ideas, concepts and your willingness to experiment and learn outside of your comfort zone. Let the work speak for itself and to be proud of your creative practice.

What format should the portfolio be in?

We suggest that your digital portfolio be sent as accessible digital files such as scans or images of your work and sketchbooks. If you wish to include images from multiple angles or detailed areas of the same piece, please collate these within one image in your digital portfolio.

Your digital portfolio could be presented as jpegs, PDF files, PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides etc. Individual image size should be no greater than 200kb (ideally 1024 x 768 pixels) with maximum resolution size of 72dpi.

If including links to video, animation or websites please ensure these are active. Please do take care to ensure that the overall layout and image quality of your digital portfolio can easily be opened and clearly viewed on screen.

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